Chevy Camaro SS with Digital Camo Paint Job

We recently received an email from one of our clients who decided to use our digital Kamo Kitt to turn her car from cool to amazing! Read his description and check out some the pictures she sent us of her one of a kind ride.

“I just finished my 2010 Camaro SS2 with the digital camo stencils. I used 6 different sheens of black paint and it looks amazing. The camo changes as the light moves around the car or as you change your perspective. I’ve never seen another vehicle anything like it and would love to send you a picture. Send me an e-mail address and I’ll show you what you can do with a custom Camaro. Thanks for your wonderful product!”

Of course we wanted to see the car. We encourage all of our customers to send in their photos to add to our gallery! Here are the pictures along with her next message.

“The pictures don’t do it justice. I’ve never had so many great comments about one of my cars. I went into a Target store and came out to find a crowd of people around the Camaro taking pictures of it. It has been officially named Max after the digital computer head on the old TV show “Max Headroom”. I’ve always loved digital camo but didn’t want the varied colors so I thought the different shades and glosses of black would work on this car. I’ve never seen anything like it even on the Web. Let me know what you think.”

We love it. What do YOU think?

  1. Are you aware that there is another website that sells stencils that is advertising this exact car?

  2. I did… it is “Truck Stencils”… the link is below my original post. If you let the pictures scroll you will see the digital print Camaro. They also have a link on the side to buy digital print patterns.

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